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php trick for image upload virus and all that on a shared host.


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Hi all i was wondering if someone knows a way to make sure an image which is uploaded isn't infected by a virus.

I have read about avclam, but if your on a shared host your mostly not allowed to add own software.

Isn't there maybe a php trick to resize the image which would magically remove a virus? ::)

If anyone knows a nice way or tricks to limit the virus breating space to a certain folder please let me know.

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Hmm i just read a little more and some security expert tells me that although it's theoretically possible for a jpg to contain virus information. The victim's computer still needs to be infected with a malicious .exe to extract the data from the jpg.


But if someone still knows a way to do a scan on uploaded files in a shared host environment (maybe a remote scan?)

I would love to hear it.

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I wrote a script that uses a virus scanner. You may need to install some software though.



Thanks for sharing mate ::) I am going to convince my host that they suck and should allow me to install it :)

I already contacted all the big brands in virus protection and until now none of them seems to offer a remote file scanner for shared hosts ( i see some money there ::)

Anyways thx for responding and sharing.

Unless anyone has some extra tips and or hints i considerig this topic solved in a way but feel free to post stuff

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