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windows server 2008 failed to load php_curl.dll

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Hi guys n gals,


I'm no win server 2008 guru so need a bit of help...


I have PHP running on win server 2008 (that's what I have been dealt so no sniggering!)...


getting the 'unable to load dynamic library for:











(they are loaded in that order) other dlls load ok and these are:







the extension dir in php.ini is set (done it absolutely "D:\PHP\ext") and those dlls all exist within that directory.


D:\PHP is definitely in the environemt PATH var...


Only thing I have come across is a reference to msrvc70.dll is not present on the server but surely this should not prevent the libs being loaded! there is no reference to such a requirement in the docs. (found that on a thread so it could be irrelevant.)


Any help/tips on resolving this would be VERY much appreciated.

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Are all the .dll files (working and non-working) from the same version/distribution of php and were they all put onto the server at the same time using the same method?


Problems are usually due to the .dll files being built with different source version and/or file permissions (for example if some of the files were put onto the server using FTP, they would be owned by the user that the FTP server is running under.)

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So I cannot edit the php.ini file post installation?


where in the control panel is this magical UI of extension adding? I'm going through the add or remove programs thing but yet to find where I can change the extensions for php.


Sorry but windows is gash - need a bit of hand holding on this one

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