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Need some advice/suggestions on template syntax.


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I've coded a small php template parser, so templates can be easily parsed, and the variables within the templates are like {variable_name} e.g.




Can you suggest me possible if/else statement syntax?


I've thought of doing something like:


{if {logged_in}: TRUE}

Your logged in...


Your not...





{if {logged_in}: TRUE}

Your logged in...



The above demonstrates basic if/else template syntax (it checks if the variable logged_in == true), but since I'm more of a coder then designer, was wondering if I can have your input (so designers can easily understand the syntax without knowledge of server-side coding).



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Since these primarily used as placeholders I don't see why you would have the designer enter in hard coded text. Instead, have the designer define two messages: $logged_in_msg & $not_logged_in_msg


Then, assuming there is a "system" variabled called $logged_in which has a value of true or false, the designer could do something like this:


[ if ($logged_in) { $logged_in_msg } else { $not_logged_in_msg } ]


Although, I would probably modify that after I develop the code to actually make the replacements for the if/else conditions. That process will probably reveal a more elegant way of creating the if/else conditions that will be easy to code for.

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