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Tables and widths and line breaks


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I'm doing a pretty complex site for a client and it involves a lot of tables. I have some questions regarding the way they want to go with them and the way I should go according to standards.


1. Sometimes they'll have something in a column that flows over onto the next line at the wrong place. For example, they'll have something like:

Oversize (width x length x height)

and because of the table column spacing, it'll come out on the website as

Oversize (widthx length x height)

We need that to look more like

Oversize(width x length x height)

so what they want to do is put a <br> tag in there to force the line break where they want it, before the brackets. Is it correct to use a <br> tag or should we be using <p> tags as better programming? Is there another way to do it? Can we force the column to expand to the end of the line in the CSS instead? I need to set this globally on the site to not wrap text for certain strings.


2. Is there a way to set a minimum column width in the CSS? I have widths set to AUTO right now but I'd like the columns to be at least 95 pixels wide or expand as needed.

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1) You could use non-breaking spaces:

Oversize (width x length x height)



2) you could use the whitespace property in a span tag:

Oversize <SPAN style="white-space: nowrap;">(width x length x height)</SPAN>

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If you are going to lay out your page in tables, then you may as well not bother working about standards. It's kind of like putting racing tires on a ford fiesta.


You'd be surprised how many high end corporate websites have their websites done in tables.

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