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Debate on Uploading and management of uploads

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Posted 21 September 2006 - 10:33 AM

Hi all,

1) I have to write a script to allow a user to upload some images and for others to view them.
2) I need some way of storing the images for each user seperatly to other users and have considered mkdir, is this the best way?
3) When a user is maintaining their photos I want to make sure that if I use mkdir (or other method) that the user is simply updating a directory rather than creating a new one.
4) I want to limit the number of photos to be uploaded, so therefore need a way of letting the user manage their photos. Do you let a user delete photos or is it best practise that when they think they have deleted they have in fact moved the image to another folder?
I guess as an admin I could then go and delete the images permantly, or is there a third and possibly better way of doing this?

This will do for now, I have found numerous scripts out there, but none that seem to do all of the above, so if someone knows of one please let me know as otherwise I will be mixing, matching and editing to get the desired results.



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