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mod_rewrite on localhost

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I'm not having any problem with mod_rewrite on my server. It seems to be working fine. but on my local machine I'm

My settings in my httaccess file are the same.
O my local machine is windows with apache 2.0. my server is fedora core 2 not apache 2.0

the problem is, and i initally had this problem on the server.
the css and images are broken.
To fix this on the server I had to add a / to the begining of each image and css url

however on the local machine this is not working. and it's quite a problem for working on my script.

i'm working in a sub directory so my file path is


the only way it works on the local machine is if i add mysite/  to the begining of the image url.

and i do have rewritebase set.

any ideas?

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Sorry, this is the wrong forum. You should have posted in the mod_rewrite forum under the Apache Help forum :)

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This topic is now closed to further replies.


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