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insert contenst of php page into body of email

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is there anyway i can insert the contents of a php page into the body of an email?

can someone post a simple example. Need to basically scrape a page and insert the page contents into the body section of an email that's being sent via php.

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Hi, how are you planning in getting the page in the first place? Is it a page you are getting from the net or one you are generating in the first place? The second is a lot easier than the first.

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//name your file either through root path or whatever
$filename = "your_php_file_name_here.php";
//open the file
$file = fopen($file, "r");
//get the php file's size
$filesize = filesize($filename);
//read the file and put contents into a variable
$code = fread($file, $filesize);
//then you can take your code variable and put it into your mail form

<form method="post" action="mailer_script_filename.php">
Message:<textarea rows="20" cols="25" name="newmsg">
<?php echo $code; ?>
<br />
<input type="submit" value="send email">


i'm not sure, but if your mailer script gets parse errors then just do

$code = addslashes($code);

but it probably won't, so disregard that last little snippet unless you get errors

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