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whoo sessions finnaly working quick question.

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#1 Demonic

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Posted 21 September 2006 - 09:20 PM

<?php session_start(); ?>
<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Frameset//EN"
<TITLE>Admin Control Panel</TITLE>
include "config.php";
	if($logged[level] != 5){
	echo "You do not have access to this page";
$result = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM users WHERE username='$acpuname' ");
$true = mysql_fetch_array($result);
$acpuname = no_injection($_POST['username']);
$password = md5($_POST['password']);

$_SESSION['username'] = $_POST['username'];
echo "<form method='post'><input type='text' name='username'><br><input type='password' name='password'><br><input type='submit' name='setsession' value='Set Session'></form>";
<frameset rows="20%,80%" border="0">

<frame src="acpb.php" noresize="noresize" border="0">

<frameset cols="25%,75%" border="0">
<frame src="content.php" noresize="noresize" border="0">
<frame src="admin.php" name="showframe" noresize="noresize" border="0">

<? } ?>

That code works perfectly like IPB almost

I know how to check for password lolz but how can i make the session close if passwords are not correct like you see how i got it to check if session is thier? Well Im trying to make it so when you login and password isnt Correct the session returns false.

#2 BillyBoB

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Posted 21 September 2006 - 10:20 PM

in this code do u have a part to check if the pass is correct if so then show me the part

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