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Website Remade As Facebook App


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Hi, so I doubt anybody remembers me, but I run a small website called Fauxsaics that creates photo mosaics from users pictures. So recently, I felt like if I made a Facebook App, it could draw users and maybe even make me succesful. Now I'm not an expert at the Facebook server, so it's a little touchy but could mean the world to my mini-business. This app is brand new, and I just finished this build about an hour ago, so it's still in the beta stage. I'm hoping for it to be big, but I could really use some feedack about how well it works so far, and this is the best place I know to get it


You can find the app at http://apps.facebook.com/fauxsaics/


Any feedback would be much obliged!!! Thanks!!!

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Thanks for the input!  I'm working on an "all else fails" square filler now, should be up fairly soon.


Right now, I don't have a money plan.  At first, the goal is to use it to direct people to the Fauxsaics website, which has Adsene integrated in and more people means more clicks.  Once the app is stable I'd like to integrate ads into it and then reintroduced shirt selling as a viable income source. But for now, it's basically not making any money and the website(which I hope to upgrade soon with my new AJAX abilities) makes about $.10 a day.

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