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Ordering Question

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Hi, I'm new to the board so please be gentle with me.

Anyway I seem to have a problem, I am creating a league table for sales people, I have got it doing everything I want apart from one thing, the ordering.

My script creates a temporary table and then I extract the information from that table and order it by the total of sales, however the ordering is wrong this is how it is ordering the total of sales at the moment:


Surely the 18790 should be at the top? It looks like mysql is ordering the numbers by the first number and not the whole value!!

Any thoughts on this would be appriciated.



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would need to see the table sql (or at least that column) to know and the sql code your are using to retreave the information.

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Cool, here is the code to create the temporary table:

$CREATE = "CREATE TEMPORARY TABLE temp_total_sales(total_sale_id int(10) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT, salesperson_id int(10) NOT NULL, total_sales char(50) NOT NULL, PRIMARY KEY(total_sale_id))";

mysql_query($CREATE) or die(mysql_error());

Here is the query to extract the information:

$QUERY3 = "SELECT * FROM temp_total_sales ORDER BY total_sales DESC";
$RESULT3 = mysql_query($QUERY3) or die(mysql_error());
$NUMRESULTS3 = mysql_numrows($RESULT3);

Hope this helps.



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