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Using templates in advanced settings...

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I am looking to better organize my site's code and I'm looking at templating.

I've run into a few questions:

looking at my current layout (below)
[b]Home Page[/b]

A lot of my data is being pulled from the same database, using several MySQL queries.  Tables are being used in a lot of the overall page layout with 3 separate tables (one each for header, overall content and footer), with the center table having 3 columns (blue borders showing each).

All 3 tables are consistent with the entire site (other than forum / gallery).  Most of the pages are only using the center column, with the home page being the exception.  I'm looking for a good way to clean up my code, as a lot of the html formatting for the results of the queries is just echoed.

[code]for($total_number,$number,$number++) { echo "<b>".$query1_array['title']."</b>"; }[/code]

I feel I must be over complicating this, as it seems like a very large task.

Can someone point me in the right direction on a tutorial / example that would help me?

Thanks for you time,

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