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Searching Multiple tables for pagination


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1) I am reading two good tutorials for building a search page with pagination:




Before I ask the big question, I would like to know how does a query look like when searching multiple tables (e.g three) in the same time.



May you kindly give me example?


2) The problem is that I have multiple tables with the same structure to search e.g. (title, body)

a) how I will know the ROWS NUMBER returned by the search query? it doesn't look a smart way to query each table and them count the results, and this basically takes much time right?

b) when displaying the result, how I will be able to set the correct hyperlink for each result?

you know, each table is a different subject, each one is located in different folder.


Thank you SO MUCH

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if your joining tables make sure each has a prefix, your basically smashing three tables together


$res = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM table1 as a, table2 as b, table3 as c WHERE a.field='stuff' etc.... ");

Join as many as you like


Also index any joined fields and delay key write for speedy gonzalez

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