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probably a simple fix: php variable pass


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When i execute the following code, it works and retrieves the record info i am looking for for the appropriate record, 2155015898:


  $adgrouppass = 2155015898;

  $selector->adGroupIds = array($adgrouppass);


However, when i try to get the adgroup variable from my url, which is where it is located, it doesn't work:


  $adgroup = trim($_GET['adgroup']);

  $adgrouppass = $adgroup;

  $selector->adGroupIds = array($adgrouppass);


yet, in trying to fix it, if i echo the above variable, it says it is correct, which is 2155015898.


Not sure if the $adgrouppass needs to be a string or variable to get it to pass it correctly.  Can anyone help?



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