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HELP! Random LINKING image generator

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I am trying to make a random image generator for my website, mugglenet.com. I have several different images, representing several differents sections of my site. But I want each image, when it appears, to LINK to the relevant section of the site. Here is the coding I came up with so far - would be grateful if someone could set me right!

[code]<? $imagevar=rand(1, 6); if($imagevar==1) { print "<a


src='/layouts/advertisements/book.gif' style="border: 0px" /></a>"; } else

if($imagevar==2) { print "<a href='/editorials/'><img

src='/layouts/advertisements/edit.gif'  style='border: 0px' /></a>"; } else

if($imagevar==3) { print "<a href='/infosection/'><img

src='/layouts/advertisements/ency.gif'  style='border: 0px' /></a>"; } else

if($imagevar==4) { print "<a href='http://fanfiction.mugglenet.com'><img

src='/layouts/advertisements/ff.gif'  style='border: 0px' /></a>"; } else

if($imagevar==5) { print "<a href='/movies/movie5/'><img

src='/layouts/advertisements/film.gif'  style='border: 0px' /></a>"; } else

if($imagevar==6) { print "<a href='/gallery'><img

src='/layouts/advertisements/gallery.gif'  style='border: 0px' /></a>"; ?>[/code]

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"Switch stament"? I'm really not experience at all in PHP, so if this is a PHP term, I've no idea what it is...

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