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Query Issue?

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Hey I'm having a slight problem with my query of my php databse. It works but for some reason the code is messing up my css and totally enlarging the text until it submits the first time. After the first submit it works fine everything goes back to normal? here is my code any suggestions?

[code]mysql_select_db($database_conn_dj, $conn_dj);
$query_rs_productcategory = "SELECT productCat_id, productCat_name, industry_id FROM tbl_productcat WHERE industry_id = '$_GET[industry_id]' ORDER BY productCat_name";
$rs_productcategory = mysql_query($query_rs_productcategory, $conn_dj) or die(mysql_error());
$row_rs_productcategory = mysql_fetch_assoc($rs_productcategory);
$totalRows_rs_productcategory = mysql_num_rows($rs_productcategory);

mysql_select_db($database_conn_dj, $conn_dj);
$query_rs_product = "SELECT products_id, products_name, productCat_id FROM tbl_products WHERE productCat_id = '$_GET[productCat_id]' ORDER BY products_name";
$rs_product = mysql_query($query_rs_product, $conn_dj) or die(mysql_error());
$row_rs_product = mysql_fetch_assoc($rs_product);
$totalRows_rs_product = mysql_num_rows($rs_product);


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it's not going to be your query.. it's going to be the html output like table formatting and so on fancy posting full code?

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I don't see any reason why your mysql code would mess up the css.. perhaps the problem is in the html or php? If you have any unclosed <table></table> tags that sometimes messes things up. You should post the code for your form especially the bit near the submit button.

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