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Display dynamic text to a textfield

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I have a form and some PHP codes that look like;


<form name="realm_form" method="post" action="">

<input name="realm_field" type="text" value="" size="4" maxlength="4">




some more codes here



and would like the realm_field to display the value of $final_Realm_no which i calculate from my PHP code. How do i refer to the textfield in PHP code? Is there something like

realm_form.realm_field=$final_Realm_no ?


Any help/advise is greatly appreciated.Thanks :)

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do you mean you want the value of that input to show $final_Realm_no?


if so you could simply just do...


<input name="realm_field" type="text" value="<? echo $final_Realm_no; ?>" size="4" maxlength="4">



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