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if statement depending on file page name?


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Hey im having troube making this code as i have no idea how to do it...


basically what im trying to do is for example if the index.php?id=XXX i want to echo "this" and if it is just index.php i want to echo "that"


your help would be nice thanks :)


	$id_lang = $_GET['id'];
	if($id_lang == $id_lang){
        $result = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM pages WHERE id='$id_lang' ",$connect);
        while($row44 = mysql_fetch_assoc($result))
			$js_langdir = $row44['lang_dir']; }}

	$js_langdir = "LTR";

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not sure if I understand your question fully but you might do this.


if (empty($_GET['id'])){
  echo 'this';  //this will be shown when someone types in  [url=http://lalalaala.com/index.php?id=monkeys]http://lalalaala.com/index.php?id=monkeys[/url]
  echo 'that';


You may want to add isset as well so you don;'t get an error;


if(!isset($_GET['id']) && empty($_GET['id']))

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