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Targetting script in parent frame

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hi all

I have a php page which runs a query, after it has run, it pops up a message saying the information has been stored, after this, I then run a few more of these statements with jscript in between, for example


The final one I want to run, I can't seem to be able to figure a way to target the script.

I want to put the following link in between a print statement (like above), but specify a target of where the link should funtion.

[code]"<a href="javascript:ajaxpage('masterpage.php?question=1', 'bottomcolumn');">Click here</a>"[/code]

Basically my query is in an iframe, but the script the link above is for, sits in on the index page where the iframe is located, as the script the link is for is not located inside the iframe, it wont work.

Make any sense?

I would move the script into the iframe, but for what im trying to do, it wouldnt be possible.

Is there a piece of php code which I could add to the link

[code]<a href="javascript:ajaxpage('masterpage.php?question=1', 'bottomcolumn');">Click here</a>[/code]

and it would target and run that link in the main index page and not in the iframe, then place this new piece of code in between a print statement, so it automatically runs when the query in the iframe has finished.

Any help or guidence would be great

Thanks in advance

Dave ???

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We do not have the source of the ajaxpage function, so we do not know what it does.

This belongs in the javascript forum by the way.

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