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Working with PHP and C#

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I have XAMMP installed on my workstation and I also have Visual Studio 2010 install on Windows 7 Ultimate.  I also have SQL 2008 R2 installed.  I have used Xampp for years and would like to know if this will work with the PHP for Visual Studio applications?  Can I edit php files there?  I also have DreamWeaver CS4 installed, so I am wondering what to use to create an application that uses PHP and C#.


The information in the Web installer is very extensive compared to setting up Xammp.


Actually I need to know if you have to used SQL with our developing for php and c# aplications.  Xampp works fine for me but it uses MySQL.  I use Dream Weaver as my GUI when writing code in php and it also includes the capabilities to write code in C#.  Therefore I was wondering if this could be used instead of Visual Studio or if I can point Visual Studio to MySQL.  The process discribed to get php to work listed on the Web Platform page is an extensive and confusing process.

Thank you


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