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Access log

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Can I make an own access log wit PHP? (because of trouble at the hosting provider no access log available sometimes)

I thought about two ways:

1) There is one file who is handling the website: index.php. If I put a code on the top of that file. That code writes the data to a file called access.log. After that I can use awstats or something to analyse the log. Can this be done? Will the performance of the site go down? Anyone?

2) I use already a database on the website. It will made different queries. I can put one query in that that would insert access log data into it. After that I can make a cronjob with a script who will read the databsase and write an access log. Then I can run awstats to analyse it. Is this good for the performance of the website?

Can anyone give me advice?


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I would go with option number 1.

Sure you could make an access log that awstats can parse, just make it in the same format as Apache's access.log.

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