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remove last comma


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i got this code which takes info from mysql:

  while ($row= mysql_fetch_array($result)) {
  $title = $row["alertid"];
  $title2 = $row["alerttext"];
  $title3 = $row["alertdate"];

$bla = "{\"alertid\":\"$title\",\"alerttext\":\"$title2\",\"alertdate\":\"$title3\"},";

echo "$bla";


it is displayed like this:



I wanted to ask, how can I remove the last comma, after date3"}, but keep other commas..?

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Basic example of how I take care of this would be like:


						foreach ($_POST['levels'] as $t){ 
						if ($levels == '') {
							$levels = $t;
						} else {
							$levels .= ",".$t;


In my situation I have a multi select which comes out in an array, but in order to store it in a database I have to break it down into a single string.  So I check if it's blank and add information to $levels, then if there is more selected it adds the comma before the data that way there isnt a comma at the end of the data.


Perhaps it'll work for you too ;)

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