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Small error..can't find it

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Alright so I've got this really simple script:
[code]<table width="80%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" border="0" class="news">
<tr><td><b>Meet Name:</b></td><td><b>Date:</b></td><td><b>Location:</b></td><td><b>Results:</b></td></tr>


// Display current schedule

$readschedule = 'SELECT event, date, date_int, location, res_query, res_link FROM park_schedule ORDER BY date_int


if ($readsched1 = mysql_query ($readschedule)) {
while ($row = mysql_fetch_array ($readsched1)) {
print ("<tr>\n");
print ("<td>{$row['event']}</td>\n");
print ("<td>{$row['date']}</td>\n");
print ("<td>{$row['location']}</td>\n");
print ("<td>");
// If results posted, make link.
if ({$row['res_query']} == 1) {
print ("<a href=\"{$row['res_link']}\">Results</a>");
} else {
print ("Results Not Available");
print ("</td>\n</tr>");
} else {
die ('<p>Could not retrieve the data because: <b>' . mysql_error() . "</b></p><p>The query




And there's some stupid little typo in it somewhere that's causing it to not work. I just need a little help finding it..I've been staring at this for like 2 hours now.

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Well this little script is on a larger page, and I get a completely blank screen. When I comment it out the page shows up fine (less the script).

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