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Is PHP worth it in this case?

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I have made a 20 page website that displays my companies online portfolio. It really is just a brochureware site. I have used php include files to include the header and other stuff in a php template system to generate my site layout.

My question is, would i be better off running my site with php then clicking view source then copy and paste the generated html into html files and just host the html files rather than the php template script? Or is the call to include() so fast that i would hardly notice the difference and just keep the template system?

Basically, for a small site like this, will the php overhead be worth it or not?

Thanks for any opinions.

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To include files works very fast and you most probably wont notice any time-improvement at all by running it as html. Nobody will ever know!

But, why move it away from PHP ? If you are to change any layout in the future, you now can do that much easier and faster than changing 20 html pages separately.

And one other thing - what about all the PHP possibilities and fun !!!  8) 8) 8)

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