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compatible fonts

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i am currently working with css and found that the following bellow fonts to be compatable on the below meachines for css browser compatibilty.

if i am correct then the below fonts are the only fonts for designing css templates with as they are all browser compatible i think i am correct afther 4 hour resurch.

good luck.

Generic Font Windows 9x Windows 2000/XP Windows Vista Mac Classic Mac OS X Linux Unix

Times New Roman
Andale Mono
Arial Black

Trebuchet MS       
cursive Comic Sans MS     
Courier New               

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Have a search for [b]web safe fonts[/b] too. Should return some good results.

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What's guaranteed is the serif and sans-serif will be present in any browser/platform/OS environment.  The rest - as usual - depends on whether a particular font is installed on the user's computer.  Some O/S use the 'same' font but with a different name!!  I think some of those on your list do not exist by default on every platform.

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all the oprating meachines i have reported are my fresh installed meachines for the information and are default and standard

heres some more only a few extra theo

all are proper css default for all the above first post operrating meachines.

Courier — (94%) 95.48% (99%) 90.61% (100%)
Helvetica — (82%) 95.31% (99%) 76.90% (91%)
Times — (82%) 85.93% (99%) 67.15% (91%)
Arial 93.76% (100%) 95.48% (99%) 70.11% (82%)
Arial Black 95.40% (100%) 95.61% (97%) 51.72% (45%)
Comic Sans MS 93.80% (99%) 91.79% (96%) 49.04% (45%)
Courier New 93.54% (99%) 91.29% (96%) 72.80% (83%)
Georgia 83.78% (96%) 90.79% (96%) 50.57% (45%)
Impact 93.37% (99%) 85.59% (84%) 49.43% (45%)
Times New Roman 78.19% (100%) 88.27% (98%) 62.45% (82%)
Trebuchet MS 90.72% (98%) 91.29% (96%) 46.74% (45%)
Verdana 94.10% (100%) 92.96% (99%) 53.64% (45%)

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