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Why does fopen() retrieve a blank page?

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Hello, trying to use fopen() to call a url, when I use it all it does is
show a completely blank page in the browser. No errors and no page.

fopen is allowed in my php.ini.

Hope someone can help, thanks!

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Could you post your code! Also fopen () is not the best way to fetch, read a remote page. In earlier versions of PHP it was fine, but because of how a stream buffer is now read in later versions of PHP, it only excepts a maximum 128 bytes for each read, so if you have it set higher you might get unexpected results across different systems. Also in order to fetch remote pages using any of the IO streaming functions you have to be sure it's allowed, (php.ini -> allow_url_fopen = ??). It would be better to use file_get_contents (), fsockopen or the best method if you need absolute control would be using CURL!


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