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Redirect Page With a twist

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As you can tell, I am coming to the end of this website
You can tell this, cos I store all my problems to the end, then I search and post in forums like I have done
I must say, I posted a lot less this time, than I have on the first take of this website, So I must be learning something


I have a page called friends.php
On that page, I have a search form, AND page numbering
So to get this to work
I parsed the values in the address bar
But I dont like ?page=1&search=something
So I used Mod Rewrite

I have something like
RewriteRule ^friends/([A-Za-z_]*)/([0-9]*) friends.php?l=$1&p=$2 [L]
is now
A lot cleaner

as this is a remake of the website
the friends.php file is in google
so I want to redirect anyone who hits friends.php to friends/All/1
Which is friends.php Mod-Rewritten

I have a couple of ideas, but I wanted to hear your suggestions

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