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PHP Project How To Ideas. With Digitizing Forms

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First off thanks for any ideas you may have.

We historically fill out a company form by hand. I would rather setup a form using LAMP because it will be beneficial to be able to query the data.

The question….

After filling out the form and submitting it I want the form to be populated with the data and have it appear to have been typed. I cant think of a good way to approach this. I was thinking I could put the form as the background of an HTML page and CSS the data pulled from the database over it but that wont give me much control on the layout. Also I would like to be able and email the final form as well as print.

Is there a better way to approach this?

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Output it as a PDF file. Then you have the option to print it, save it, email it.

See http://www.fpdf.org

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