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review and tell me what needs to be done to my site


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Not to be rude here, but I think you've put the p where the c should be and vice versa..  thus making the site: http://toxicpets.co.uk/


now if this is the case, and again i'm not trying to be rude, but i would hit CTRL + A and then hit delete and get rid of this site.


There is a lack of design, lack of thought even just on the main page.  The graphics that are there are absurdly horrendous.  All and all, IMHO toxicpets.co.uk is a blatant waste of space on the internet.


The idea behind the website could very well be something that people would use (sounds like neopets.com remake?).  In which case great keep with it, but put it on hold, put some real thought behind it and come up with a real user-friendly, eye-catching, memory-burning design and content that people just can't help but spread.

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