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Open Outlook/Mail

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I used to have a mailto modification to allow the user to create an email in php/html, let it open up Outlook and then send the message.
The only problem was that the amount of characters/text that could be inserted into the body of the mailto was limited to a certain amount of characters.
So I tried using a COM.application instead, but that gets me a popup warning if the user will allow the script to open Outlook everytime an email is generated.
Is there another way in which a simple email in which you can set the adresses and the body, but still have outlook open to show the message/email.

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Here is a hyperlink code we use to use the default (outlook) on the machine
echo "<a href='mailto:$email?SUBJECT=$subject&Body=$body'>Send E-mail</a>";

Heads up not all are machine here at work had  the Client installed on the workstation.

Shared machines used the Web Applicantion and not the Client and this would not work

We switched to php mail function via are SMTP server.

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