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Need help changing a color

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Ok here is the deal, I am using a flash music player that has a drop down playlist. Is there anyway that I can change the background color of the playlist without changing the flash file using php? Here is what the player looks like [url=http://www.fa5.grycnet.net/]http://www.fa5.grycnet.net/[/url]. If you to look at the php files or xml files for the playlist or player to give me the answer let me know. Thanks to everyone making this site possible.

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No. You would have to change the flash file.

I do not know if flash files can have GET parameters, if it can, then you could use that to style the player.

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If you wnat to chnage the color of the player you'll ahve to edit the .fla file and then compile the fla file as swf to make the chnages, Or if your player has an XML file then prehaps it has options to change the colors of the player in there. Also is this your  music player or is a player you have downloaded and installed on your site? If thats the case you'll wnat to contact the developer of the player to see if they can change it for you.

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I have tried quite a few different things but all the scripts I have tried are incorrect. Here is what the xml file for the player looks like.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<player showPlaylist="yes" autoStart="yes">

I have been trying more with the playlist script, because the playlist is updateble for the songs. Here is what the original playlist script looks like.


// setting the directory to search for mp3 files
$dir = "mp3/";

// reading the directory and inserting the mp3 files in the playlist array
$n = 0;
$playlist = array();
$fdir = opendir($dir);
while($i = readdir($fdir)) {
  // if a .mp3 string is found, add the file to the array
  if (strpos(strtolower($i),".mp3") !== false) {
    $playlist[$n] = $i;
// close the directory and sort the array

// echoing the playlist to flash
echo "<player showDisplay=\"yes\" showPlaylist=\"yes\" autoStart=\"no\">\n";
for ($i=0; $i<sizeof($playlist); $i++) {
  // for the title it filters the directory and the .mp3 extension out
  echo "  <song path=\"$dir$playlist[$i]\" title=\"".str_replace(".mp3","",$playlist[$i])."\" />\n";
echo "</player>";


Thanks for everyone's help.

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