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DW Preview, PHP and Frames

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I have DW, PHP and MySQL installed on my XP machine.


All are up and running correctly, (my phpmyadmin works great, apache works great, mysql tables are fine).


If I goto it works great.


If I goto it works great.


If I goto - it asks me to either save,open or cancel. And each frame has a HTTP 404 - File not found error?


If I preview the frameset fro within DW I get the same error?


My system is the machine I am editing the site on and the testing server.


Under Manage Sites - The local info is:


Local Root folder --> C:\wamp\www\PTSites\

HTTP address --> http://


Under Remote Info:


Access --> Local/Network

Remote Folder --> C:\wamp\www\


Under Testing Server:


Server Model --> PHP MySQL

Access --> Local/Network

Testing Server folder --> C:\wamp\www\


I tried changing one at a time and all from c:\wamp\www (My servers root) to and it still tries to save the file.


I can preview other php mysql pages fine.




Anyone have ANY ideas?


Thanks in advance,



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