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normalization age ranges options not sure of best approach


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i have a small query system i am working on.


simply put, when the form will run a query on several results, one of which is age. the age must be entered manually in a text field (on the user end when doing the search).


now. the results that output will be reliant on that age BUT there are age ranges.


for example, i have ranges of: 0-19, 20-24, over 65, under 65 etc and kind of random about this.


and if i enter the my age as 22 in the search field, positive matches would of course be 20-24 and under 65.


i have tables: product and age.

each product has an age range or a plus range (like over 65).

so all products would be returned that match the age entered (of course which products have a matching age_range_id)


i hope my question is clear. I am basically trying to resolve how my table relationship and structure should be to best accommodate this type of querying or a better solution altogether.


thanks for any advice

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