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Convert 11 AM to string of time


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I have a form that submits G


How can I convert this to string of time when I need to insert it into the database and then turn it back around when it needs to be read?


<option>11:00 AM</option>
<option>11:30 AM</option>
<option>12:00 PM</option>
<option>12:30 PM</option>
<option>1:00 PM</option>
<option>1:30 PM</option>


Thank you.

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function halfhourclock($i){
	return floor($i*0.5).':'.$halfhour.'0 AM';
	return floor(($i-24)*0.5).':'.$halfhour.'0 PM';
echo halfhourclock($i).'<br />';

You can save the time in mysql as a tinyint this way.

Probably far better ways of doing it, just thought this would be simple...

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