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compare mysql row value to php variable


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Hi again everyone,


I am trying to compare a php variable to the value of a row in mysql, but keep getting the following error:


Wrong perameter count for mysql_result()


What syntax would I use to accomplish this?


Here is my code:


// connects to server and selects database.
include ("../includes/dbconnect.inc.php");

// table name
$table_name = "availability";

// split up date into 3 separate fields
$date = "12/25/2010";
$date_split = explode("/", $date);
$month = $date_split[0];
$day = $date_split[1];
$year = $date_split[2];

// check if earth room is already reserved
$taken = "Reserved";
$sql = "SELECT earth_room FROM $table_name WHERE month='$month' AND day='$day' AND year='$year' LIMIT 1";
$result = mysql_query($sql) or trigger_error("A mysql error has occurred!");
$row = mysql_result($result);

if($row == $taken){
echo "Room Already Reserved";
echo "Room Available";


Thanks for the help,



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You don't actually need to compare any values, you should write your check into your query.


$sql = "SELECT earth_room FROM $table_name WHERE month='$month' AND day='$day' AND year='$year' AND earth_room = 'Reserved' LIMIT 1";
if ($result = mysql_query($sql)) {
  if (mysql_num_rows($result)) {
    echo "Room Already Reserved";
  } else {
    echo "Room Available";
} else {
  trigger_error("A useless error message!");

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Ah, yes I see, thanks for pointing that out.


@ BK87


Thanks mysql_fetch_array worked.


@ thorpe


Okay, thanks for the alternative method...


Sarcasm on the mysql error noted. I tend to use error logs to review problems instead.


This is really what the message should say:

trigger_error("A useless error message displayed to hackers who want to learn the directory paths on the server!");


Problem solved,



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