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Fairly new but...

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I have been using Dreamweaver for years and recently moved into PHP and email forms.

I have PHP generate an email which for 3 of 4 options which a user selects on the site is perfect, no problems, all lines are correct etc...


However if someone selects the option that says 'Sale and Purchase' it resuls in this section of code being selected:


else if ($selected == 'Sale and Purchase'){printf ("Sale Land Reg Copy Entries: £%01.2f",$slreg); printf(" Purchase Land Reg Fees: £%01.2f",$lreg);}


The reason I haven't posted the surrounding is because it all works spot on! Perfect! I personally can see nothing wrong with the code as when it comes through all values are correct. However - and this is the odd bit - only when this piece of script comes through does it ignore the \n in the email settings and pulls the line below into the same line sometimes with a space, sometimes without.


Since it works for everything else I can find no logic to this at all and upon removing this piece of script I found that it was this bit causing the trouble.


Any ideas are welcome and I will answer any questions as near to fully as I can


Many thanks in advance



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