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if syntax problem

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Hi all, probably just a noob with syntax error again.  Can anyone spot what is wrong in my attempt to set up an if statement based on the value of a variable.

Thanks :)

[code] if ($nompen > 0)
$numcolor = "#FF0000";
else {
$numcolor = "#333333";

I am trying to use it here to specify font colour based on value of $nompen which I can echo and it is giving a number :)

<td><a href="nompen.php">nompen </a><b>(<font color=<?php $numcolor?>><?php echo $nompen?></font>)</b></td>[/code]

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Your problem lies in this statement:
[code]<td><a href="nompen.php">nompen </a><b>(<font color=<?php $numcolor?>><?php echo $nompen?></font>)</b></td>[/code]
You need to used "echo $numcolor", not just "$numcolor". So it would be:
[code]<td><a href="nompen.php">nompen </a><b>(<font color=<?php echo $numcolor?>><?php echo $nompen?></font>)</b></td>[/code]
You could shorten this a little by echoing the whole line from PHP:
echo '<td><a href="nompen.php">nompen </a><b>(<font color="' . $numcolor . '">' . $nompen . '</font>)</b></td>';
You can also use the ternary operator instead of the if-else statement:
$numcolor = ($nompen > 0)?"#FF0000":"#333333";
This operator is described about 1/2 way down [url=http://www.php.net/manual/en/language.operators.comparison.php]this page[/url]


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