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not able to print out value posted

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I am having problem print out the value posted from a form by using echo $var even the register_globals is on

from a form and post the value of username and password to this file :
usename entered in the textfield : user
password entered in the textfield : pass

script i used to test the output
echo "$username-$password";
echo "{$_POST['username']}+{$_POST['password']}";
it supposed to output

but now it only output

So it is very obvious the first script is not working and only second is working in this server... when I tested this in my friend's server it is working. What seems to be the problem? The code works perfectly in the server since years ago and it started to give prob last week..

please advise how to get this fixed... this shouldn't be coding prob,,, when i asked the hosting admin, they said their server is working fine.. so what is the problem them???? how to solve this prob ???

anyone can help ?

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  Trying to understand the problem. Is it the sudden change in the script behaviour?

Otherwise add


to the start of the echo script.

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