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PHP coding... needs help

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Ok well im working on a site and im using php for the coding.

Ok i made a header.tpl and a footer .tpl

Then i made a home.php file and put this code in it.

<?php include("header.tpl");?>
<div align="center">
$number = "5";
<?php include("footer.tpl");?>

That creates this page Home.php

Everything is where i want it the News is in the middle between the >Dayspring Site<< and >>Our Favorite Links<<.


Ok now to the problem im facing.....

I created a new page contacts.php

then i put the code...

<?php include("header.tpl");?>


<?php include("footer.tpl");?>

Then i preview it and the place where my text is ,isn't were i want it.


It puts my text above my banner.

This banner is on the header.tpl file.

Does anyone know who to fix this?

I want my text to be places in the table called >>Main Content<<

Is there something i have to change in my .tpl files or my css file?

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