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cURL server-side redirection not working 100% of time - urgent help needed


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Hi All,


My goal is to process all redirects serverside and simply return the user to the 'final' URL.


Here's my function to get the final URL:

PHP Code:

function get_final_url($url){ 
    global $final_host; 
        $redirects = get_all_redirects($url); 
        if (count($redirects)>0){ 
          $final_url = array_pop($redirects); 
          if(substr($final_url,0,7) != 'http://' && !empty($final_host)) 
            { $final_url = 'http://'.$final_host.$final_url; } 
                return $final_url; 
        } else { 
                return $url; 

Here's the cURL execution:


$ch2 = curl_init();      
                        curl_setopt($ch2, CURLOPT_FOLLOWLOCATION, true); 


For some reason, this works no problem, posts any data over to the URLs serverside, redirects serverside, and passes the client to the final URL, with none of the redirection displayed via HTTPWatch or any similar debug utility. Sometimes, however, it does show phases of redirection.


Any insight into what I might be doing incorrectly?


Thanks SO much in advance.



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