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Dreamweaver: Wount connect to my database!?

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HI, Ive been trying to do this for months, well i gave up awhile back but now im determined to get this to work for my new project!
Ive been trying to get dreamweaver MX to connect to my database on my remote host/server with the following info!

So i click on myslq connection and the box appears ok..

Connection Name:    ConnBeneavin
MySQL Server:        abydosgaters.com
User Name:             stargate_test
Password:               testing
Database:               stargate_test

These are real details, i set up a stargate_test account+database with that password for you people with dreamweaver MX already working with databases to test it if you wish!
Oh and also with cPanel i have added an access host of %. This should mean that all of you can access my server! (I hope).

But when i do this from my computer all i get is a popup message : "An Unidentified error has occured"
It is really important that i get this to work!
Any help is greatly appriciated!

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Looks like your mysql account for the database isnt setup properly. As I failed to connect to your MySQL server with the details provided:
[code=php:0]echo "Connecting to MySQL...<br /><br />";

mysql_connect('abydosgaters.com', 'stargate_test', 'testing') or die(mysql_error());

echo "connected to MySQL server<br /><br />";

echo "Selecting database...<br /><br />";

mysql_select_db('stargate_test') or die(mysql_error());

echo "Selected database";[/code]
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I thought this might be a problem but I can connect to the hosting server's (Webhost Freaks) mySQL via an ODBC connection on my computer- I create my database in Access and export it to mySQL.  If it were the server disallowing a remote connection (like GoDaddy does) wouldn't this include ODBC connections? 
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