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Displaying URL field from database causes duplicate link ... why?

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I'm extracting a field from a MySQL database to display in a page as a hyperlink. The field contains a url like www.yoursite.com and i'm using this code to display it in an 'echo' statement containing  a large amount of HTML. Here's how the field is displayed:

[code]<b>•</b> <a class="body" href="$url">Click Here To Visit My Site</a>[/code]

The page displays it just fine as a hyperlink. But, the problem is when you mouse over it I get a duplicate URL like this:


Which makes it appear as though it's treating the field data as a 'relative' link instead of just inserting it as it should. Ideas?

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heh.. never mind :)

I answered my own question. The problem was that the entries in the database didn't include http:// and were just www.yoursite.com. I updated that field to include the http:// and now they work properly.

Just an FYI for any others who want to include URL's into their pages :)

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