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need help changing header.php to html file.

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i need help changing the header.php file to html file. i want to header to have a few link instead of picture file.
where and how can i change that?

question 1.
where can i change that? under which file?

question 2.
need help changing that word TOP to HOME, where can i change that? whihc file is that?

question 3.
need help changing that word, Contact Us & Shipping & Returns to About Us. which file may i go to inorder to change those words.

question 4.
can i add an extra box there? if yes, how may i do that?


Thank You for reading my post. waiting for ppl who know to help me. Thanks again.

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There is no way we can answer your questions without knowing the structure of your files and where the items are.  You're just going to have to go through the files yourself and find out where the information is being pulled from.

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