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Multiple Form in one page and use for same action-Zend Framework


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Hi all,

How to make that show to user one form, and when he type valid value refer to other form, and when user type valid value save that values to database?

For ex., I try that code, but it code didn't do nothing. Without other form he wok properly, but if I give here a other form, nothing is going to work.

$form1 = new Form_FirstForm();
            	$data1 = $form1->getValues();
            		$data2 = $form2->getValues();


I use that for making pool module. In first form I enter a question and number of answers and in other form i need to enter the number of which depends on the answers of either entering the number on the previous form.

For example: I enter 5 in first form and I must enter 5 answers in other form...

This can be resolved by using a jQuery. Can somebody give me a example a code.Please.

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