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domain look up


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Explain better please.


Do you mean a check if a domain is alive or dead, or if is registered already?


If talking about alive or dead I have a pretty fast script for for that, but that just tells you if the domain is currently online or not.


As for registered domains....well most use some type of whois query, because these change hands so much and is so many of them. The downfall is whois doesn't have every top and second level domain. I came up with there's about 500 all together for all the countries. So looking at whois at just those popular one's they have there, this falls way short. Sadly the registrars of all countries will not provide lists if beg or even pay them. (yes I tried)


If need a whois script, this one works very well.



If planning on doing the entire world and have adequate servers piles of drives and bandwidth....I could help, I got the stuff to already do this but I just don't.

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