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Include function problem


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Hey there, I guess, theres something wrong with this page, 'cause it isnt loading the page I'm trying to include, please take a look:

require "/backend/functions.php";
$con = mysql_connect('localhost', 'mdown', 'e5r8htt9');
mysql_select_db("actual", $con);
<body BGCOLOR="#000000">
<div class="wrapper">
<div class="rec">
<img src=test/recs.png border=0>
<div class="hormenu">
<img src=test/hormenu.png border=0>
<div class="cpanel">
<img src=test/cpanel.png border=0>
<div class="menu">
<img src=test/menu.png border=0>
<div class="baresq">
<img src=test/baresq.png border=0>
<div class="table">
include 'home/newtable.php';

<div class="bardir">
<img src=http://mdown.org/tretas/teste.V4/bardir.png border=0>


Now the page with this code isnt showing anything inside the TABLE div and I guess it should display the content of newtable.php. The newtable.php is working perfectly and the is just the data selected from a table.


Any idea about where did I messed up?


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