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Preg_match image source than remove entire image tag from html

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I have a table with rows of small bits of html code.

I have already set it up to look for each row that has an image in the code like so

<img src="http://www.site.com/file.jpg" width="80" height="90">

I need to create a program with preg_match and preg_replace that will first find the image file's source and then remove the entire image tag.

the image tags can be slightly different. some have the '/' at the end and some come with alt tags.

How can I do this? I need to get the source then remove the whole thing entirely.


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$tests = array(
'<img src="1.jpg">',
'<img src="1.gif"/>',
'<img src="abc.png" />',
'<img alt="image" src="1a.gif">',
'abc<img src="1.jpg">123',
'abc<img src="1.jpg">123<img alt="image" src="1a.gif" />xyz',

$sources = array();

foreach ($tests as $test) {
echo 'Original: ' . htmlentities($test), '<br/>';
while (preg_match('/<img(.*?)>/', $test, $matches)) {
if (preg_match('/src="(.+?)"/', $matches[1], $source_matches)) {
array_push($sources, $source_matches[1]);
echo 'Source: ', $source_matches[1], '<br/>';
$test = preg_replace('/' . preg_quote($matches[0], '/') . '/', '', $test);

echo 'After: ' . htmlentities($test), '<br/><br/>';

echo 'Sources: ', '<br/>';

Original: <img>

Original: <img src="1.jpg">
Source: 1.jpg

Original: <img src="1.gif"/>
Source: 1.gif

Original: <img src="abc.png" />
Source: abc.png

Original: <img alt="image" src="1a.gif">
Source: 1a.gif

Original: abc<img src="1.jpg">123
Source: 1.jpg
After: abc123

Original: abc<img src="1.jpg">123<img alt="image" src="1a.gif" />xyz
Source: 1.jpg
Source: 1a.gif
After: abc123xyz

    [0] => 1.jpg
    [1] => 1.gif
    [2] => abc.png
    [3] => 1a.gif
    [4] => 1.jpg
    [5] => 1.jpg
    [6] => 1a.gif

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