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clean alternative to mysql_query('...')or trigger_error(mysql_error(),256);


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I am currently using my own error handler so i can log all mysql errors into a mysql table:

mysql_query('select data from table')or trigger_error(mysql_error(),256);


If there's an error i need to know the line number where the mysql_query function was called.


Is it possible to instead use this code:

mysql_query('select data from table');


but somehow transparently log a mysql error and the line number if there is an error in the query?






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That page is helpful, i am aware of __LINE__, but the problem is I would need to know the line number where the function was called without passing __LINE__ as a argument.



function mysql_query(){//override mysql_query
        mysql_query()or error_function(error_code,error_string,line_number);

mysql_query(); //<<< need to log this line number


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