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Have multiple SEPERATE values in one field?

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Is there anyway to have multiple values in one field, and what would the seperator be?
My Mysql table that I'm referencing is:
what I need is to be able to store more than one value in the same field on the same row, but be able to call it indvidually.
I'm not even sure if this is possible

currently this is my php code for the above table:
[code]elseif ($userpenname ==''.$cresult[blocked].'')
$output.="<br><center><font color=red>.MESSAGE1.</center></font>";

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You could store a serialize()d php array as a string in the database, but then you would have to do most of the work in PHP anyway. Heck, you could just as well store a pipe-separated string of values in the db and explode the string in php.

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