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Selecting Independent Value

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My MYSQL table looks like this:

[b]id  username  blocked[/b]
1         Bob             Jack
21         Bill               Bob
4              Bob                Jane

The problem is, when I call up this table with

[code]bresult = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM blocks WHERE username = '$recip'");
$cresult = mysql_fetch_array($bresult);[/code]

Say, $recip = Bob, so the username [i]Bob[/i] is called up;
and then I compare if with "IF...$userusername ==cresult[blocked]..."
so that if a user is blocked by Bob, they can't contact him.

The problem with this is, if you look at the table, Bob as two people blocked in two rows: Jane and Jack.
So if Jack is trying to contact Bob, he's obviously blocked - but the MYSQL arrangment will read Jane as being blocked and let Jack contact Bob. (I'm sorry if this is getting confusing, I'm fairly poor at explaining things).

So I need a method where the Select function will get the ID, since it's the only independent value, but I'm not sure how to go about this as I don't know what to put for "WHERE ________ = ___________" . (Or if anyone has any other ideas, they'd be much appreciated too.)

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Unless i totally misunderstood you - run it through a while loop



$block = false;

$bresult = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM blocks WHERE username = '$recip'");
  if($row["blocked"] == $userusername)
    $block = true;

if($block == true)
  echo "User har blocked you, sorry";
// proceed


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