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Unique View for 3 different table data schema's - View should display based on


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I have a table that has 5 fields of data.


In many cases, not all of the fields have data in them.


Each time the View action of the Controller is requested, I would like to only display the fields that have content in them AND the tabular structure of the data will change based on the content as well.


So basically, I think I will need a unique View file for each type of data schema. And there are 3 schemes. For example,


Schema  |  1  |  2  |  3  |  4  |  5  |


A                X      X      X      X      X

B                X                        X      X

C                        X      X              X


As you can see, each schema has different data populated.


This tells me I will need 3 View structures to accommodate these schema's.


Can anyone make a recommendation on the best way to handle this in the CakePHP framework. I am thinking an if condition in the Controller, and then render() based on that, but its seems there would be a more conventional method.


Thanks for any thoughts on this.


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